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July 13 to 17, 2016

Robert J. Miller Air Park, Route 530 Berkeley Township, NJ








Full rules and entry forms




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���� Western Show���������� English Show
��� July 10, 2015������������� July 11, 2015

�� 9:00 am���������������������� 9:00 am


Pre-register by July 6, 2015


All riders, regardless of age or riding discipline

must wear an ASTM-SEI approved safety helmet

with chinstrap fastened when mounted.


Original negative coggins test must be presented at the

secretary's stand before your number will be issued.





4-H Members - $8. a class, $90 a day*, $150 for 2 days*

Non-4-H Members - $10 a class, $100 a day*, $170 for 2 days*

*daily rate only available to same horse/rider combination


POST ENTRY FEE:����������� $12 a class (this is also the fee for �add on� classes the day of show)


EVERY ANIMAL ENTERED FOR THE COMPETITION or that is on the show grounds shall be under the control of the Horse Show Committee.This Committee shall in no case be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to any animal, person, or property.


PROOF OF CURRENT NEGATIVE COGGINS test must be shown at the secretary�s stand.Current means as of September 2014.


THE HORSE SHOW COMMITTEE reserves the right to disqualify a horse and rider from the��

����� remainder of the show for reasons of discourtesy to the judge or officials on the part of the��

����� owner, trainer, or groom.����THE RIDER WILL FORFEIT THE ENTRY FEE.


1.All horses must be serviceably sound; disqualification for unsoundness is at the judge�s

discretion..In cases where a horse is entered and is not exhibited, the entry fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.


2.Numbers will then be given to every entrant upon payment of all fees and must be correctly

attached and displayed when entering the class.An admission fee may be required to enter the fairgrounds depending on time of day and parking availability.Each entrant will receive two coupons for family members upon payment of all show fees.These coupons will allow you to move freely the day of the show.

3.A trophy plus six ribbons will be awarded in each class.Grand & Reserve in each Division and a High Point rider of the day will be award.Points are accumulated on one horse/rider combination.

4.Three entries are necessary to fill a class or the class may be cancelled or combined at the����

���� option of the Horse Show Committee.

5.Any comments, concerns, criticism, questions about a decision or ruling by the judge must be addressed AFTER completion of the class in question.It cannot be challenged after the start of the next class.




7.No horse shall be allowed in the show ring except at such hours as announced.

8.NO HORSES ARE ALLOWED IN THE MIDWAY AT ANY TIME.All riders leaving designated show areas must dismount at the gate and walk the horse across the midway or be led by an adult.


9.Do not clean horse trailers in parking lot.Bring Muck bucket and picker to pick up after your own horse.


10. Riders should have correct attire.Riders must have proper foot wear with a heel (work boots/muck boots are not acceptable).


11. All riders, regardless of age or riding discipline must wear an ASTM-SEI approved safety helmet with a chinstrap fastened when mounted.This also includes all schooling area.

12. No spectators in staging area.Handlers and guests must have appropriate footwear around horses.No flip flops, sandals or open toed shoes. For further information, contact Helen Ferraro at (732) 349-1227 or







1.Model Horse/Pony - open to anyone 9 years of age & older (4th grade & up as of Sept. 2014)

2.Junior. Showmanship & Grooming�9 to 13 yrs. of age (4th-8th grade as of Sept. 2014)

3.Sr.& Open Showmanship & Grooming�14 yrs. of age & older (9th gr. & up as of Sept. 2014).


WALK/JOG DIVISION�� Open to all beginner riders, 4th grade and up in their 1st or 2nd year of showing.��� Riders may not crossover into any other Horsemanship/Pleasure or Versatility Division.

4.Horsemanship ����������������� walk/jog

5.Figure Eight��������������������� walk/jog

6.Pleasure���������������������������� walk/jog

7.Break & Out�������������������� walk/jog


JR. HORSEMANSHIP/ DIVISION���������� 9-13 yrs. of age (4th�8th grade)

8.�� Jr. Horsemanship

9.�� Jr. Horsemanship with pattern

10. Jr. Pleasure


YOUTH/NOVICE HORSEMANSHIP/PLEASURE DIVISION 14-18 yrs. of age (9th-13th grade)

11. Youth Novice Horsemanship

12. Youth Novice Horsemanship with Pattern

13. Youth Novice Pleasure




14.LEAD LINE �Open to ALL 8 yrs. (3rd grade) & younger ����$5 a class � may NOT��

�������� participate in any other class.���� Proper attire required & a properly fitted riding helmet.


OPEN HORSEMANSHIP/PLEASURE DIVISION�� 9 yrs. of age & older (4th grade & up) same horse/rider combo may not crossover into junior or youth division.

15.Open Horsemanship

16.Open Horsemanship with Pattern

17.Open Pleasure


18.��� Western Riding (flying changes preferred, no more than�������

��������� 4 simple - changes accepted)

19.���� Break & Out

20.���� Open Trail

21.���� Bareback

22.��� Western Go English Pleasure (tack change only, must have entered 3 other Western classes)



23.Bow Tie �������������

24.Key Hole�������������

25.Pole Bending �����������������

26.Barrel Race



FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016

All division champions will be same horse/rider combination


WALK/TROT DIVISION Open to all beginner riders, 4th grade and up 1st or 2nd year of showing.Riders can not crossover into any other division.Classes 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

SHORT STIRRUP DIVISION 9-13 yrs. (4th-8th grade as of Sept. 2014) Classes 8, 9, 10, & 15

YOUTH NOVICE DIVISION 14-18 yrs. of age (9th-13th grade as of Sept. 2014)

Classes 10, 11, 12, & 15����

OPEN DIVISION�� 9 yrs of age & older (4th grade & up) CAN NOT CROSSOVER INTO SHORT STIRRUP OR YOUTH NOVICE DIVISION (Classes 14, 18, 19, & 20)

HUNTER DIVISION- (21, 22, must choose between class # 23 or 24)

VERSATILITY DIVISION (25, 28, 29, must choose between class # 26 & 27)


1.English Model�open to any one 9 years of age & older (4th grade and up)

2.English Showmanship & Grooming�open to any one 9 years of age & older.

3.Walk Trot�Equitation on the Flat���������

4.Walk Trot�Figure Eight�� �����������������������

5.Walk Trot�Pleasure on the Flat�� ��� �������

6.Walk Trot�Crossrails (18�)

7.Walk TrotO/F (18�)Course of 8 fences�.change diagonal ����������������

8.Short Stirrup Equitation on the Flat w/t/c

9.Short Stirrup Pleasure on the Flat w/t/c

10.Short Stirrup Crossrails (18�) trot or canter

11. Youth Novice Equitation on the Flat w/t/c��

12. Youth Novice Pleasure on the Flat w/t/c

13. Youth Novice Crossrails (18�)

14. Open Division Crossrails (18�)

15. Short Stirrup over Fences (not to exceed 2�)

16. Youth Novice over Fences (not to exceed 2�6�)



17.��� LEAD LINEOpen to ALL 8 yrs. (3rd grade) & younger - $5 a class � may NOT participate in��

��������� any other class.Proper attire required and a properly fitted ASTM-SEI safety helmet must be worn.

18.�� Open Division Equitation on the Flat

19.�� Open Division Pleasure on the Flat

20.�� Open Division O/ F (not to exceed 3�)

21.�� Hunter under Saddle

22.�� Hunter Hack - walk/trot/canter or hand gallop & 2� high fences

23.�� Hunter over Fences (ponies and horse/rider who can not exceed 2�6�, one jump will be 2�6�, all������

�������� others will be lower).Ponies /horse & rider combo may not enter Class 24

24.�� Hunter over Fences (not to exceed 3�) Horse & rider �� combo may not enter Class 23

25.�� Command

26.�� Gamblers Choice �A� (fence height 18� to 2�3�) Horse and rider combo must NOT have entered���

�������Hunter over Fences, Class # 24

27.�� Gamblers Choice �B� (height 2�3�to 3� 6�) Horse and rider combo may NOT enter Class 26.

28. English Bareback

29.�� English Go Western (tack change only, must have entered into 3 other English classes)






Full rules and entry forms